Our Services

We provide the following services for NGOs, NGO support organisations and donors involved in international development and relief.

Our areas of expertise include:

Documentation and training
We help organisations document their work, and also conduct regular trainings in documentation. These intensive courses span the entire range from the basics to process documentation.
• Case study writing.
• Proposals and reports.
• Documentation for communication and fundraising.
• Creating a management information system
• Process documentation and support.
• Learnings and best practices.
Specific courses are conducted on request.

Institution development
• Process support and strategic planning.
• Policy analysis and position papers.
• Systems design and development.
• Sustainability of communities and institutions.
• Programme Support, monitoring and reviews.
• Setting up systems, policies and procedures.
• Impact/Organisational assessment
• Change management.
• Social equity audits

Sharing information
It is now possible to get information to the grassroots and back in near realtime. We collect and share information electronically, word-of-mouth, telephony and cacophony. There are free egroups for the purpose:
• invites@yahoogroups.com carries information on events in Bangalore and events of interest to Civil Society in Bangalore. (and 11 regional groups: in-ap@googlegroups.com, in-bihar@googlegroups.com, indelhi@googlegroups.com (yes, there is no hyphen '-' in this one!), in-kar@googlegroups.com, in-keralam@googlegroups.com, in-gujarat@googlegroups.com, in-maha@googlegroups.com, in-orissa@googlegroups.com, in-raj@googlegroups.com, in-tn@googlegroups.com, in-up@googlegroups.com, in-wb@googlegroups.com). They carry local, national and international actionable, human rights and development information.
• peoplesvoices@yahoogroups.com to share case studies of communities and people who celebrate life, despite challenges.
• hrm@yahoogroups.com to discuss human rights and media.
• NgoJob@yahoogroups.com to share career opportunities in the voluntary sector.

We have authored over 20 books on Dalit and Adivasi empowerment, sustainability of organisations and communities, human rights and NGO experiences, and edited several more. We support those who would like to publish in research, editing, production and distribution.

We also
• Produce status reports.
• Organise human rights events and conferences of practitioners.
• Organise fair trade events.