Ambedkar on Gandhi and Reason

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We are standing today at the point of time where the old age ends and the new begins. 

The old age was the age of Ranade, Agarkar, Tilak, Gokhale, Wachha, Sir Pherozeshah Mehta, Surendranath. The new age is the age of Mr Gandhi and this generation is said to be the Gandhi generation. As one who knows something of the old age and also something of the new, I see some very definite marks of difference between the two. 

The type of leadership has undergone a profound change. In the age of Ranade, the leaders struggled to modernize India. In the age of Gandhi, the leaders are making her a living specimen of antiquity. In the age of Ranade, leaders depended upon experience as a corrective method to their thoughts and their deeds. The leaders of the present age depend upon their inner voice as their guide… The leaders of the old age took care to be well clad while the leaders of the present age take pride in being half clad… 

To my mind there is no doubt that this Gandhi age is the dark age of India. It is an age in which people instead of looking for their ideals in the future are returning to antiquity. It is an age in which people have ceased to think for themselves and as they have ceased to think they have ceased to read and examine the facts of their lives.

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