OpenSpace is a celebration of life and its challenges. We help make life a celebration, specially for those whom such celebration seems distant and human rights remains a dream. The celebration of life is a fundamental human right that we endorse.

We enjoy work on human rights and inclusive development especially when they tangibly benefit underserved, vulnerable communities and lead to democratising knowledge.

Our professional experience is diverse, having worked simultaneously at the grassroots, campaigns, national and international civil society organisations, and lobbying at the UN.

Two of our books have been released by Nobel Laureates (Indigenous Identity; Crisis and Reawakening by Rigoberta Menchú, 1993; and Vocabulary of Commons by Elinor Ostrom 2011). Some of our books are freely downloadable online.

We support the celebration of life by sharing information, resources, and solidarity and provide support in institution development, documentation and training, publishing, human rights education, advocacy and campaigns.

To that end, we inform, inspire, and innovate to enable excellence of the excluded.