Day 9: Government of Mahrashtra Agrees to 5 major demands of the Andolan & Issues Government Resolution Regarding the Same

Government of Mahrashtra Agrees to 5 major demands of the Andolan & Issues Government Resolution Regarding the Same.

Medha Patkar & Other Activists Break Fast with the Resolve to Further the Struggle for pro-poor Mumbai.
Zameen Haqq Satyagraha from October 2 in Mumbai

May 27, Mumbai : On the day 9th day of Medha Patkar's indefinite fast Shri Prithviraj Chavan, CM accepted the demands of the slum dwellers and issued two Government Resolutions and one order related to the five major demands. The demands that have been accepted include:

Decision regarding declaration of settlements as slum under section 4 of Maharashtra Slum Area Act and to be undertaken for improvement as per section 5.

A joint meeting involving representatives of Government of Maharashtra, Government of India & Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao to discuss implementation of Rajiv Awas Yojana in Mumbai.

Activation of the existing High Powered Committee, chaired by Chief Secretary, appointed by Honourable HC in 2005 meant for reviewing the policies & recommend or suggest new policies related to slum housing to government of Maharashtra.

A four member committee chaired by Justice (Retd) H Suresh and Simpreet Singh, Sh. Satish Gawai & K P Bakshi as members to investigate and make recommendations related to Ganesh Krupa, Golibar Society by 15th June to Government of Maharashtra.

A 5 member committee chaired by Justice (Retd) H Suresh and Sh Sudhakar Suradharkar (EX IPS Officer) Simpreet Singh, Sh. S S Zende & Swadhin Kshatriya as members to investigate into 15 SRA & 3K cases of fraud and forgery, including Shivalik Ventures Project, and submit a report by 30th September to government of Maharashtra.

Medha Patkar broke her fast at 1:45 pm, by accepting lemon juice from Akanksha Bai, 80 year old Ganesh Krupa Housing Society Resident who was in jail for resisting demolition. She said, “it is a victory of the lakhs of people fighting for their right to live in the financial capital of India with dignity. The real fight is about the right over land of the poor who make this city what it is. Today the land is being given or grabbed by the builders and influential people like Mukesh Ambani who has built his 27 storey building on the land of Waqf Board. 33,000 Acre land which was either encroached or free, is now available after Land Ceiling Act has been revoked. After 30th September when the work of these Committees would be over, we will launch Land Haqq Satyagraha in Mumbai to capture government land for the poor people of the city. Our CM Prithviraj Chauhan has a bigger battle ahead and against a powerful lobby, if he intends to fight it we are with him, or else we are on the path of struggle and justice and dignity for poor.”

Syed Zuber fasting for the 5th day, said, “what we have achieved today here only shows that if people together come and fight then nothing seems impossible. When we met Chief Secretary three days ago and the way he talked to us further boosted our resolve that we have to take the fight to the finish.”

Simpreet Singh said, “the decisions today is a result of the struggle GBGB has led on many fronts since 2005 and thousands of basti dwellers who have struggled hard to make this come true. The fight is against making this city of the working class, for the working class and by the working class and not of the builder, for the builder and by the builder. With Adarsh Housing Society we showed to the country the kind of nexus between politicians, builders and bureaucracy is going on in Mumbai. We have a long battle ahead to get the recommendations of these Committees implemented.”

Anand Patwardhan, Sudhakar Suradkar, S Parsuraman, Daniel mazgaonkar, Sudhir Badami, Mayank Gandhi, Kamalakar Shenoy and many other people from different organisations and professional fields were present today at the site to be in solidarity.

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Prerna Gaekwad, Santosh Daundkar, Deven Nair, Simpreet Singh
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