King Baudouin Foundation

The King Baudouin Foundation (KBF), named after Belgium 's late head of state, was established in 1976. KBF supports projects and citizens with a commitment to build a better society. Both a grant-making and an operating foundation, KBF aims to spur change. It looks for sustainable ways to bring about justice, democracy and respect for diversity. To optimise its impact and its visibility, KBF currently concentrates its unrestricted resources on four programmes: Social Justice, Civil Society, Health and Philanthropy. These programmes make use of a wide variety of methods: bringing together people from different backgrounds, funding research, organising conferences, networking, and offering both project support and structural financing for organisations.

Located in Brussels , the capital of the European Union and the site of NATO headquarters, KBF is mainly active at the Belgian and European levels. Through specific initiatives, such as the King Baudouin International Development Prize or its activities on HIV/AIDS in Central Africa , it is also present in the developing world.

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