'I would still state that these are stray incidents': Bangalore Police Commissioner's response on Monday, 2nd Marc

Subject: Commissioner's response on Monday, 2nd March.

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'I would still state that these are stray incidents'
soumya menon

Despite Bangalore witnessing a stream of attacks and violence against women in the last two weeks, the Bangalore city police commissioner is rather candid to state that he does not see a pattern in the attacks. he has also accused the victims for not co-operating appropriately with the Bangalore police and stated that these are `politically inclined' people. he also said that there is proof to show that the incidents are being politicised.
in an interview, Shankar M Bidari talks to Soumya Menon about the lacuna in the complaints lodged by the victims and has assured that Bangalore is a safe place.

Since these recurring attacks on women in Bangalore, do you still say that these are stray incidents or do you see a pattern?

-I would still state that these are stray incidents. i do not see any pattern here. the complaints might show a pattern, but, our preliminary investigations do not observe that. they are strange, but, we will investigate. we have to first establish that the victims are stating the truth. we are not sure about the genuineness of their statements. however, it is not right to come to any conclusion until we verify every detail. the people in bangalore are cultured enough to react to any attack on women. they would not tolerate such attacks if they have witnessed it.

Who are behind these attacks?

-The department is working towards catching the culprits. but, we have not received proper descriptions of the alleged attackers, which make our task difficult. we cannot name any group or community for such incidents, until proven.

What is provoking these attacks?

-As of now, we do not see any pre plan in the attacks. however, we cannot come to any conclusion as to what led to the attacks.
in one case, we have proof that the incident was not just about eve teasing or molestation. the woman [referring to the indiranagar incident on february 17] provoked the alleged attackers. there is cctv footage which reveals that she had rammed onto the two-wheeler and the men retaliated. the security guard of the apartment, where she claimed, the men allegedly hit her, also said that she had provoked the attack. she has not even given us the number plate of the alleged attackers. in the other two attacks, we are tracking the alleged attackers.
instead of holding the local police station responsible, these women are accusing the government. women in bangalore have always dressed fashionably and this cannot be a reason for these alleged attacks.

Do you think the police should be held responsible for such incidents?

-There is no lack of vigilance. it is the negligence of the victims which has led to such acts. they have not even bothered to give details of their alleged attackers.

Can you assure the women in Bangalore that such incidents will not recur?

-As the city police commissioner, i assure women in Bangalore that these incidents would not recur. we will do all that is on our power.

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