Olivia Schieffelin Nordberg Award (9March)

Olivia Schieffelin Nordberg Award

The Olivia Schieffelin Nordberg Award for excellence in writing and editing in the population sciences

Created by colleagues, friends, and family of Olivia Schieffelin Nordberg (1942-1996), this award commemorates the leading role she played in information dissemination of international population issues over three decades as an editor, writer, and director of publications. This award is conferred on an individual for one of the following achievements:
- written work in the field of population that combines exceptional scholarship with clear exposition in a style that is both accessible and appealing to a broad readership; or
- a record of excellence in editing technical material on population to make it accessible to varied audiences, by improving the clarity of style and organization and facilitating the full development of content.

The recipients of previous awards are Marge Berer, Andrew J. Cherlin, Joel Cohen, Paul Demeny, Nancy Folbre, Eugene Grebenik, Nathan Keyfitz, Vaclav Smil, and Felicia Stewart. The $5,000 award, given every two years, is conferred at a reception at the Population Council. The recipient is invited to make a brief substantive presentation on a topic of his or her choosing.

The next award will be announced in April 2009. The award ceremony is held in May. Nominations may be submitted by individuals or organizations and should include:
- the name, professional or home mailing address, present occupational title, and institutional affiliation of the nominee;
- a brief statement of the individual's contributions to the population field; and
- evidence of contributions (for writer, cite one to three articles or other publications; for editor, identify sample publications).
Send nomination via e-mail no later than March 9, 2009 to OSNAward@popcouncil.org

2009 Award Committee: Marge Berer, Judith Bruce, Andrew J. Cherlin, Joel Cohen, Paul Demeny, Nancy Folbre, Anna Nordberg, Vaclav Smil, James Trussell, Susan Watkins
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