We, the citizens of Maharashtra protest against the planned and instigated violence against north Indians in Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan. Neither Mr. Raj Thackrey nor the MNS have actually done any good to the ordinary Maharashtrian Bahujans on whose behalf he is advocating. The major issues of the State and its toilling masses like that of the agrarian crisis, land and homelessness, displacement due to SEZ and other development based projects or mill workers in Mumbai have found any place in his agenda. The violent and dividing politicking will result in far reaching consequences to safety and securityof the citizens and the integrety of the nation

Repeated inflammatory public speeches and statements made by Raj Thackeray, is ample proof of his violent and unlawful demeanor and there is no justification for the Democratic Front led by Congress and NCP for being a silent spectator resulting in violation of rule of law and the rights guarenteed under the Indian Constitution.

The state has left the ordinary citizens vulnerable to the attack by a small section of unruly MNS workers.

We assert the diversity of Mumbai and believe that the rule of law has to prevail and Mr. Raj Thackery / MNS should not be allowed to continue with their unruly behaviour holding the entire city in randsom. The State is equally responsible for the breakdown of the constituitional mechanisms and fear that has been installed in the linguistic and regional minority in Mumbai. The violence would not have continued with out the silent support provided by the Chief Minister and the Home Minister.

We also denounce Thackeray's statement exhorting his party workers to take to violence and arson as peaceful modes of protest like fasting and Dharna are 'ineffective' and must be given up. We demand immediate action to restore the rule of law and derecognition of MNS as a political party and stringient legal action against Raj Thackrey, implement the recommendation of the SHRC to reinvestigate all the earlier cases against Raj Thackeray and initiate action as per law. We firmly state our disagreement with all those who have silent faith in the segregating vision of Raj Thackeray, but merely condemn his physically brutality.

We request the ordinary, peace loving, non communal and progressive forces in the city to come together and fight the hijacking of the ordinary citizens agenda using violence and vested interests by politicians like Raj Thackeray.

Sincerly yours,

Medha Patkar- NBA, NAPM,
Anand Teltumbede- Dalit Activist and Writer,
Anand Patwardhan- Film maker,
Avinash Mahtekar- Activist Ambedkar Movement
Simpreet Singh- Ghar Banao Ghar Bachao Andolan ,
Mukta Srivastava- NAPM,
N.D. Patil- PWP,
Urmila Pawar- Dalit Writer and Activist ,
Prakash Reddy- CPI ,
Bhalchandra Kango-CPI,
Hasina Khan-Awaz-e-Niswan, Forum Against Opression of Women ,
Maju Varghese- YUVA ,
Gerson da Cunha- Agni ,
Dolphy Disouza- Bombay Cathelic Sabha
Damjibhai Gada-