Lorenzo Natali Prize (30 June)

The Lorenzo Natali Prize is organized by the European Commission. This prize rewards the journalists working on the topic of the human rights or democracy in the developing world. We remind you that for the first time this year, the Lorenzo Natali Prize also involves radio and television journalists.

Don't wait: you have just a few days left to apply.

The application is free. To apply you simply have to check the website
www.nataliprize2008.eu and submit online your application filled in,

Each applicant can submit ONE journalistic work or ONE extract of journalistic work published or aired between January 1st, 2007 and June 30, 2008.

The fifteen winners of the Lorenzo Natali Prize will be guests of honour of the European Commission during a stay in France. Each winner will receive a trophy and a prize. Overall, 50,000 euros of prize will reward the best works.

For further information or to apply, feel free to visit the website:

Good luck!

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