01: 86% working on less than Rs 20 a day

  • 394.9 million workers (86 per cent of the working population) belong to the unorganized sector
  • 316 million workers live on less than Rs 20, or $ 0.49, a day.
  1. 88% of the Scheduled Tribes and the Scheduled Castes
  2. 80% of the Other Backward Classes
  3. 85% of Muslims
  • 90 per cent of agricultural labour households are landless or have less than one hectare of holding
  • agriculture is getting feminized with 73% women being associated with it compared to 52% men.
  • Source: Arjun Sengupta Chairman, National Commission for Enterprises in Unorganised Sector report on the Conditions of Work and Promotion of Livelihood in the Unorganised Sector. based on government data 1993-94 and 2004-05.