Photoshare Development Photography Award (28April)

Dear Colleagues, Attention Photographers in Developing Countries:

Photoshare is proud to announce the 2008 Photoshare Development Photography Award. Awarded exclusively to a photographer from a developing country/emerging economy, as a part of Photoshare’s effort to advance digital camera technologies and promote photography as a vital tool for communicating health and development.


*Award Prize: Digital Camera*

Photoshare is currently seeking applicants from developing countries who are:

• involved in public health and development programs;

• interested in using photography to document issues facing their communities;

• in need of a first-time or improved digital camera.

Developing country photographers, both amateur and trained, are encouraged to apply by April 28, 2008.

Download the Award Application: for further instructions.

Thank you for your inertest in Photoshare. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


David Alexander, Photoshare

The INFO Project

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