SAARC AWARD peace, understanding, friendship and development (15may)


The SAARC Secretariat invites nominations in English from individuals and organizations from the Member States for the SAARC Award 2007.

The aim of the Award is to honour individual citizens and organizations of South Asia for their exemplary work to promote peace, understanding, friendship and development in the region. The award is conferred at the SAARC Summits.

The prescribed Nomination Form for SAARC AWARD 2007 will be available from the SAARC Division of the Ministries of Foreign/External Affairs of Member States. It may also be downloaded from the SAARC Secretariat’s website under the link SAARC AWARD 2007.
I. Objectives

1. to encourage individuals and organizations based in South Asia to undertake programmes and activities complementing and supplementing the efforts of SAARC;

2. to honour outstanding contributions and achievements of individuals and organizations of the region in the fields of peace, development, social service, poverty alleviation, environment protection, cultural progress and in other agreed areas of regional cooperation; and

3. to recognize any other outstanding achievements, not covered above, of individuals and organizations in the region whose work or contribution has benefited or inspired the region.
II. The Award

The Award consists of a citation, a gold medal and cash prize of US$ 25,000 (United States Dollars Twenty Five Thousand).
III. Terms and Conditions

1. Nominations must be made on the prescribed Nomination Form available on the SAARC Website with the link SAARC Award 2007 and be supported by the required documents.

2. Nominations must be made in accordance with terms and conditions as contained in the website. Forwarding letters will not be necessary.

3. The last date for receipt of nomination at the SAARC Secretariat, Kathmandu, Nepal is 15 May 2008.

4. The nominations may be sent to the following address:

SAARC Secretariat
P.O.Box 4222
Tridevi Sadak, Thamel
Kathmandu, NEPAL

5. Supporting documents not in English must have an authenticated translation in English

6. The summaries of the nominated individuals and organizations’ accomplishments/ contribution for which the Award is recommended should be precise and factual not more than two pages.

7. Those eligible to make recommendation for nomination shall include individuals, and organizations working in the region.

8. Nominations / recommendations by/ of serving Heads of State/ Government may not be made so as to maintain the integrity of the selection process.

9. Nominations by e-mail, fax or any other electronic form will not be acceptable.

10. Self nominations will not be eligible.

11. Nominations from individuals or organizations where a nominee is a member, employee, employer, a close relative, patron or a founder may not be considered. These would be considered as self-nominations.

12. Posthumous nominations may not be considered.

13. Entries received after the deadline will not be considered.

14. Nominations found to contain false information will not be eligible for the Award.

15. Nominations received within the deadline will be scrutinized by a Selection Committee composed of Members nominated by the Member States of SAARC and their recommendation will then be submitted to the SAARC Council of Ministers for its endorsement.

16. The decision of the Council of Ministers on any aspect of the SAARC Award 2007 will be final and binding.
IV. References

Each recommendation for nomination must have three prominent personalities as referees who are familiar with the nominee’s achievements and contributions. The referees should provide their individual assessments and their contact addresses as they may be contacted by the SAARC Secretary General, if deemed necessary.