Forty Two Commandments of GrandMother Sun

Forty Two Commandments of GrandMother Sun

1} I will not kill, nor bid any others to kill.

2} I will not commit adultery or rape.

3} I will not avenge myself, nor fan my rage.
I will not bring terror to the people.

4} I live in peace & nonviolence; in harmony & respect.

5} I will not assault another, nor cause them pain.
I will not cause misery for others.

6} I live to bring joy & enlightenment to myself and all others.

7} I will not harm another human, nor any animals.

8} I will not bring about the shedding of tears.

9} I will not wrong the people, nor bear them evil intent.

10} I will not steal nor take that which does not belong to me.

I will not deprive anyone of that which is rightfully theirs.

11} I will not take more than my share of food or neccessities.

12} I will not damage the fields, crops, trees or forests.

13} I live to further the integrity of all our family and ancestors.

14} I will not bear false witness, nor support false allegations.

15} I will not lie, nor speak falsely to the hurt of another.

16} I will not use fiery words, nor stir up damaging strife.
I will not deceive others, in word or action, in order to hurt them.
(I will not act guilefully).

17} I will not speak scornfully of others.

18} I will not eavesdrop on others.

19} I will not ignore the words of truth, or the lessons of nature.

(I will not close my ears to the truth.)

20} My body is one with the Sun, listening always to the truth.

21} I will not judge anyone hastily or harshly.

22} I will not disrespect the sacred places.

23} I will do no wrong to workers or prisoners.

24} I will not be angry without good reason.

25} I will not hinder the flow of running water.
I will do no harm to our ocean womb.

26} I will not pollute the water or the land.

27} I always ask permission of nature; guidance in all my actions.

28} I will not speak disrespectfully of our ancestors.

29} I will not despise our sacred heritage.

30} I will not plunder our spiritual or community houses.

31} I will not give to excess, nor less than is due.

32} I will not covet my neighbor's goods.

33} I will not steal from, nor disrespect, the shrines of the

34} I will remember and observe the holy days.

35} I will not take food from the mouths of children.

36} I will not interfere with cultural or sacred traditions.

Every day I will give the best of myself; and grow in my

37} I will not slaughter Earth's sacred animals.
  I love our animal relations as my own family.

38} I will not act unconsciously, or with insolence.

39} I will not be unduly proud, nor act with arrogance.

40} I will not magnify my condition beyond what is appropriate.

41} I will not harm or pollute myself.

I will never shut off my body; ignore divine sensation and reason.

42} I will obey the just laws, and not turn against my people.