Paola Biocca International Reportage Award

Paola Biocca International Reportage Award is dedicated to the memory of Paola Biocca who died in Kosovo on 12 November 1999 while coordinating the emergency humanitarian missions for the United Nations World Food Programme.

The award, open to students of journalism schools worldwide and journalists (of any nationality) under the age of 35, invites the submission of reportages of photo-journalism or video-journalism (published or unpublished) produced in 2006-07. The reportages, together with a CV of the candidate and a brief summary of the work, should be sent to the International Journalism Festival office at the following address: Il Filo di Arianna, via Cortonese 82/a, 06127 Perugia, Italy.

Reportages should be submitted as follows: in digital form with one printed copy. For photo-journalistic reportages, a maximum of 25 photos and a text of a maximum of 20,000 characters spaces included. For video-journalistic reportages, a video of a maximum of 20 minutes duration.

The reportage and its documentation, if not produced and written in Italian, French or English, should be accompanied by a translation into Italian, French or English.

The deadline for submission is 28 February 2008. The authors of the best reportages will be invited to present their work at the International Journalism Festival.

The winner will receive a prize of 10,000 euros.

Contact details to obtain additional information:
Tel: 00 39 (0)75.5055807 Fax: 00 39 (0)75.5017894