Workshop at Navadarshanam: practicalities of living an alternative life-style with spiritual and ecological priorities

Dear friends,

As you may be aware, Navadarshanam has conducted a one-week Workshop
twice before for those younger people who want to learn about the
practicalities of living an alternative life-style keeping in mind
spiritual and ecological priorities. Essentially, the Workshop
involves sharing the 15-year experience of the Navadarshanam group
with others. Prof. Rajagopalan has been the chief co-ordinator of
these Workshops.

This year, too, we are planning to hold such a Workshop – from Aug.
13th to 18th. We are enclosing (as a Word attachment) the announcement
drafted by Prof. Rajagopalan in his inimitable style. If you or anyone
you know would like to join this Workshop, please do write to Prof.

Jyoti and Ananthu.
Navadarshanam Trust
Ph: 080-56996024, 08110-329201