Rory Peck Awards (2 September 2008)

Freelance journalists and other independent media workers are vital to free expression, bearing witness to events in remote corners of the globe and telling the untold stories. The international newsgathering industry relies heavily on their contribution. In many parts of the world, where they often represent the only independent voice, freelancers struggle to work in the face of poverty, insecurity and repression. The Rory Peck Trust, established in 1995, is a registered charity with an ongoing commitment to the welfare and safety of freelance newsgatherers. The Trust subsidises training in hostile environments, provides financial and moral support to freelancers in need, and to the families of those killed, imprisoned or seriously injured during the course of their work. The Trust believes that by supporting the right of freelance newsgatherers to do their work freely and in safety, it is supporting the independent view, press freedom and democracy.

Rory Peck was one of the most skilful and respected freelance cameramen of his generation. A fearless and individual operator, Rory captured some of the most enduring images of the late twentieth century. In October 1993, he was killed in cross fire while covering the October coup outside Moscow's television centre, Ostankino.

When Rory died, there were no rules and no structure concerning what to do if a freelancer gets killed, nor how to support those left behind. In 1995 Rory's widow and close friends set up an organisation to provide the assistance to their families that no-one else would give.

The Rory Peck Trust has grown into a highly respected body which is now influencing the way that newsgathering organisations worldwide treat their freelancers. The Trust enjoys the active involvement and support of an international and influential committee of broadcasters including ABC News, Al Jazeera, AP Television News, ARD, BBC, BSkyB, CBC, CBS, Channel 4 TV, CNN, ITN, NBC, Reuters, SKY News, WDR, ZDF and international journalists' safety organisations. The Trust is totally independent and relies on its income from sponsorship, charitable donations and grants in order to fund its work.

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