Ludwick Family Foundation

The Ludwick Family Foundation awards grants for new vehicles or equipment, equipment replacement and modernization, improvements to facilities, and educational materials. They are interested in tangible items that tend to remain with an organization. Ludwick Family Foundation varies from many other foundations in that it tends to provide grants for tangible types of items that assist a program or project, rather than funding the program itself. The geographic areas of interest are throughout the United States (highest percentage in California) or U.S. based international organizations.

Grants range from $5,000 to $50,000 and are made for a single year.

The Foundation does not grant requests for:

* Salaries
* General Operating Expenses
* Travel Expenses
* Scholarships
* Endowment Funds
* Fundraising Events or Capital Campaigns
* Feasibility Studies or Consulting Fees
* Advertising
* Research
* Political Lobbying, Voter Registration or Political Campaigns
* Insurance or Maintenance Contracts
* Printing Expenses

No requests accepted from:

* Public/Private Schools (K-12)
* Universities/Colleges
* Child Day Care/Development Centers
* Fiscal Agents
* Libraries
* Hospitals
* Individuals
* Faith-based Organizations

It is their preference that organizations apply for a grant by using the INITIAL REQUEST FORM. If for some reason you are unable to send your request from our ON-LINE INITIAL REQUEST FORM please call the Ludwick Family Foundation (626-852-0092) office to make arrangements to send a request by mail. All requests must be authorized before they are accepted by mail.

Address requests to Program Officer, Deanna Monaghan,

Ludwick Family Foundation
PO Box 1796
Glendora, CA 91740

Phone: (626) 852-0092
Fax: (626) 852-0776

Any requests received after a deadline will be considered during the next grant cycle. Upon review of all requests, Board members will determine to which organizations invitations for full proposals will be sent. Applications will be mailed to those organizations by October 31 for the February grant cycle, or by May 31 for the October grant cycle.

Initial Requests are only accepted during these times:

July 1 - September 1 and January 1 - March 1

Full proposals are by invitation only.