Struggle against Government atrocities is inevitable: Medha (20th Day of Indefinite Hunger Strike)

Struggle against Government atrocities is inevitable: Medha
The officials responsible for false affidavits will be brought to book

Medha Patkar, senior activist of Narmada Bachao Andolan, who reached the dharna site at Khandwa (MP) today addressed the dharna and a press conference. She said that when the atrocities by the government and administration reached its limits, struggle becomes inevitable. It is the same situation in Madhya Pradesh today.

She said that the government that is creating a facade of celebrations of the centenary year of Gandhian satyagraha and the 75th anniversary of Bhagat Singh's martyrdom, has not even bothered to find out what are the demands of the real satyagrahis who have put their lives at stake and are on a hunger strike since 20 days.

Medha wondered how the governments capable of destroying a whole live river eco-system do not have the wherewithal to even rehabilitate one displaced village. Leave alone the Bargi and Tawa dams, even the people displaced by the Bhakra Nangal dam in 1954 have not yet been rehabilitated.

The claim to solve the electricity crisis with the help of projects like Omkareshwar, Indira Sagar and Maheshwar has proved to be a mirage, she added. To destroy the stable sources of bio-energy for a pittance of electricity generation is anyways a fool's paradise. She saluted the Gunjari satyagrahis and said that as long as this cycle of destruction does not stop, the Andolan will also continue to challenge it.

The government willingly pays in lakhs to the lawyers to be able to save a few thousands payable to the displaced., she opined.

Sardar Sarovar affected Ms Shanta Behan of village Pipri (Badwani) said that we will never compromise our land and our freedom.

Senior Andolan activist Ms Chittaroopa Palit, now on 20th day of her fast, said that we are struggling here with issues of land for land and land for adult sons and unmarried adult daughters as per rehabilitation policy. We will never allow the government to allot the draw-down land of the Indira Sagar reservoir to foreign companies.

Earlier Alok Agrawal, senior Andolan activist pointed out that each and every family has grievances against the NHDC. He informed that in the last 20 days over 12000 such complaints have been recorded. He also raised the issue of filing false affidavits to deprive the displaced of their just rights and declared that the Andolan would initiate legal action against the offending officials.

He also questioned why the Omkareshwar plant, inspite of submerging 5 villages, was unable to even test electricity production?

Gajraj Singh, Dharamraj Jain