Royal Asiatic Society awards; Article on Study of religion in Asia (31may)

Royal Asiatic Society awards

A prize for an Article relating to the study of religion in Asia

The Royal Asiatic Society announces the introduction of a new prize
for articles relating to the study of religion in Asia. Award-winning
submissions will be published in the Society's peer-reviewed Journal
of the Royal Asiatic Society, which since 1834 has provided a forum
for scholarly articles of the highest quality on South Asia, the
Middle East (together with North Africa and Ethiopia), Central Asia,
East Asia and South-East Asia. The focus of the prize is any
religion, anywhere in Asia and at any time, and the Society's main aim is to encourage the submission of pieces of research that make
innovative contributions to understanding and learning within their
own fields.

Please note: no rigid limit is imposed on the length of the
contribution but it should be appreciated that the most suitable
length is c. 6,000 words; submissions should be in 'hard copy' on A4
sheets with double spacing accompanied by an electronic version;
alternatively scholars may submit by email attachment, providing a
postal address is
supplied, to: The Journal, The Royal Asiatic Society, 14 Stephenson
Way London NW1, 2HD.

Closing date 31st May 2007