Media Fellowships on Conflict Reporting in Northeast India

Media Fellowships on Conflict Reporting in Northeast India

Panos South
Asia invites print, radio and television journalists to apply for a
fellowship to research conflict-related issues in Northeast India.
Fellowship will run from July 2007- June 2008. Selected Fellows will be
provided editorial support by an advisory panel comprising of senior
journalists and peace and conflict experts. They will also be provided
financial support for travel and research. The fellowship awards are as

Type of Media Number of fellowships Total amount
Print 3 50,000 INR each
Radio 1 50,000 INR
Television 1 1,00,000 INR

Based on their investigative work, selected Fellows must produce:

 At least five 1000-word feature stories to be published in quality
publications between July 2007 and June 2008/ At least five short
features for radio/ TV broadcast within the same time-frame.

 One 5000-word in-depth report, which may be edited and included in
a book to be published later by Panos. The radio and TV journalists may
submit a written script for inclusion.

Applicants must submit the following no later than May 30, 2007:
• Curriculum vitae
• Up to five samples of published/ broadcast work on the issue
• A draft proposal for the fellowship
• A brief personal statement on why they consider themselves as suitable candidates (not exceeding 500 words in English)
• Two references from persons who have known the applicant professionally for at least one year.

Women, journalists writing in local languages and persons from
under-represented areas are encouraged to apply. However, their CV and
the write-up should be in English and at least one sample of their work
must be translated into English.

Please Email all relevant documentation to or mail it to Programme Manager,
Panos South Asia,
110 Kharghuli Road,
Guwahati 781004
Applications should be marked, “Media Fellowships on Conflict Reporting.”