The situation at Nandigram

The situation at Nandigram is extremely tense. As per reports from reliable sources around Nandigram this morning, the administration is amassing thousands of Combat forces and Rapid action forces of the police (according to some estimates the number is 5000) and surrounding Nandigram from Khejuri in the north and Mahishadal in the South. The highly militarized situation in and around Nandigram has created an atmosphere of tension and insecurity amongst the people. Several cadres of various political parties are now stationed in Nandigram further adding to the tense atmosphere. Stray incidents of violence including the death of a policeman have been reported. People fear that the administration is using this situation to increase police presence and repression in Nandigram.

The ‘Uchhed Pratirodh’ Committee of the people of Nandigram apprehends that like Singur, political forces are trying to gain electoral publicity and other petty gains at the expense of the people’s movement. The Committee is committed to fight for their democratic rights over their lands and not allow their lands to be turned into SEZs or harvesting grounds for corporate benefits. Many scientists, teachers, professors, artists, dramatists have also come forth to fight for the cause.

We are shocked and disturbed at the unjust and undemocratic means being applied to force acquisition of land from the people of Nandigram. As representatives of people's movements and as people committed to democracy and human rights:

We condemn state violence
We denounce forced acquisition of land and natural resources
We assert people's rights to land and natural resources
We insist on democratic dialogue

In Solidarity

Anand Mazgaonkar (Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti), Medha Patkar (NBA) Rajendra Ravi (NAPM) Vijayan MJ (Delhi Forum) Gautam Bandopadhyay (Nadi Ghati Morcha), Rakesh Rafiq (Yuva Bharat) Ajit Jha (Samajwadi Jan Parishad), Madhuresh (Delhi Solidarity Group) and Shivani Chaudhry (Housing and Land Rights Network)