registration of activities for WSF 2007

The deadline for registration of activities for WSF 2007 is postponed to December 13th
Registration of self-organized activities for the WSF 2007, to be held in Nairobi, Kenya, from January 20 to 25, 2007, has been extended to December 13th, 2006. Don’t leave it until the last minute! The registration system will become very slow during the last days before the deadline.

Self-organized activities are those organized by groups registered for the WSF 2007, by organizations who agree with the WSF Charter of Principles. The proposing organizations should create a title for the activity, define the activity type (e.g., seminar, workshop, conference, etc), choose the speakers, as well as, be in charge of inviting all speakers and any other preparations and materials needed. They must provide everything that is needed so that the activity can successfully take place, including audio-video equipment, power point software, etc. The local organizing committee will only offer the space where these activities happen and an announcement of the activities (title, time, location) in the official program publication.

See below for the steps to register activities:

a) First, register as a user at the site (in this site, click in “New User”, at the left menu of the screen)

b) With the login name you chose and the password that is automatically sent to your email, login to the site and register your organization or group

c) After logging in, click on the menu at the right side of the screen that says “Register Activities”. Select the name of the organization or group that you have registered. Then, fill in the activity form. In the first step, general data will be requested (title, partners, goals, etc.). In the second step, you will be asked about specific information for Nairobi logistical planning.

d) If your organization or group does not have all the required information about the activity(ies) to be carried out in WSF 2007, you may return to the form later and update it. In order to do this, after you login to the site and select the name of the organization or group registered (at right), you must click on the title of the activity to be modified and, then click “edit” (right above the title). Make all the modifications and then click on “Save”, at the bottom of the page. In order to delete an activity, instead of edit, click on “action” and then “delete”.

e) Confirm your activity registration for WSF 2007 in Nairobi, Kenya: when you finish the activity registration process a dialogue box will be displayed with the follow information: “if this is intended to be a WSF 2007 activity, click here to complete its registration”. You must click on it to notice your activity will be held in the WSF 2007 event, then fill out the form on logistics information and click on “save”.

Registration of individual participants, organizations and media
The registration of individual participants, organizations and media will continue during the month of December. Registration forms for that are available on the WSF 2007 event website (, at the link:

Other information about registration can also be obtained in the section "How to take part” of this site:

On the WSF 2007 site, check also the second edition of the WSF 2007 newsletter: .

Click here for frequently asked questions (FAQ) on WSF 2007: