Managing Information resources in the digital age

Managing Information resources in the digital age ( Nov 21-25, 2006)

A training programme on information management, documentation and outreach.

As you well know, managing information today requires special skills and calls for investments in strengthening the information infrastructure and skills of the organisation. Here is an opportunity for you to participate in a specially-designed short training programme on 'Managing information resources in the digital age: a training programme on Information management, documentation and outreach" (November 21-25, 2006). The training is brought to you by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi.

Workshops will be led by CSE's professional staff of documentalists, webmasters and members of various outreach units. The training is being organised by CSE's Environment Resources Unit, among South Asia's premier research and documentation centres. The unit has helped propel CSE's high-profile research, advocacy and dissemination activities for more than two decades. It has kept pace with the latest documentation and information management tools available to professionally manage books, journal articles, news clippings, unpublished papers, photos,
films, CDs and the contact addresses.

This unique course will teach participants on how to manage all aspects and types of information, at an institutional level. The programme is broad in scope, and covers a gamut of information types, management strategies, tools, and dissemination strategies.

Course content
- Sourcing information (information acquisition & research)
- Classification & indexing (including digitised resources)
- Developing & managing audio-visual resources (films, photos, CDs,
- Electronic Documentation: Library automation, building simple
- Digital library fundamentals (IT for information management)
- Web-based tools for information outreach
- Information outreach: Product planning, services & marketing

Several hands-on workshops will cover specialised services and collections, such as basics of a digital library, managing audio-visual resources (photos and films) and news clippings collections. A Certificate of Participation will be awarded to the participants.

Course fee
International organisations, Government & Corporate: Rs. 8,800/- (USD 200/-) per participant
NGOs (Indian) & students: Rs. 4,400/- (USD 125/-)

Note: Fees is payable in advance and includes instructional fee, reading materials, lunch and refreshments.

Programme Schedule
Date: Nov 21-25, 2006; Time: 10.00 am to 5.30 pm
Venue: Centre for Science and Environment, 41, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, New Delhi- 62
Accommodation: On payment basis. Can be arranged if requested on or before November 4, 2006.

Nominations and Enquiries
Please complete and print the NOMINATION FORM appended below, and post / fax it to CSE.
You can also register online
Contact Person: Kiran Pandey, Cooordinator, Environment Resources Unit < >
Phone: + 91 (011) 29955124/5 (Ext. 233); Fax: 29955879
IMPORTANT: Nominations must reach CSE by November 4, 2006
We warmly invite you to nominate a suitable participant from your organisation to what promises to be an exciting training programme and make use of this opportunity. We look forward to your confirmation and participation in the training programme.

Best wishes.
Kiran Pandey, Coordinator, Environment Resources Unit.


Managing information resources in the digital age: A training programme
on Information management, documentation and outreach, Nov 21-25, 2006.

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You may register online

Kiran Pandey (Coordinator, Environment Resources Unit)
Centre for Science and Environment, 41, Tuglakabad Institutional Area, New Delhi - 62
Phone: +91 (011) 29955124/125 (Ext. 233); 29956110; 29956394; Fax: +91
(011) 29955879
Email: < > DEADLINE: November 4, 2006