TV, Digital Technology and Online Broadcasting Training Workshop

TV, Digital Technology and Online Broadcasting Training Workshop

Over the past years, the digital technology and Internet has become a major arena for broadcast media. Web-based television broadcasting is proving an attractive field for traditional electronic media and for communications in various sectors.

Panos South Asia (PSA) is organising a 7-day South Asian regional ‘TV, Digital Technology and Online Broadcasting Training Workshop’ for media practitioners in South Asia, from 28 November - 4 December, 2006 at its Media Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal. Participants in this workshop will develop a thorough understanding on pre-production, production and post-production of audio-visuals, such as script-writing, story planning, shooting footage; application of digital technology-- including software and hardware for editing and producing; and Internet's potential for distributing and disseminating audio-visual materials. Through extensive hands-on exercises participants become familiarized with the latest real-time digital audio-visual production and online broadcasting technologies, as well as with the fundamentals of digitization of multimedia input, encoding, and compression standards. The course will cover online audio-visual distribution of materials as well as content streaming.

Broadcasters, producers, editors and journalists, and other communication practitioners, especially, but not necessarily, from TV media from South Asian countries wishing to attend this training workshop may apply by 31 October, 2006 by e-mail at

PSA will cover all related costs of participation, including travel, for selected participants from the region. Your application should contain a brief resume and a less than 300 word essay stating your experience on audio-visual production, state of TV broadcasting in your respective countries and how by participating in this workshop it will enable you or your organization to enhance your work.

PSA will respond ONLY to selected applicants by 6 November, 2006. Telephone enquiries and other solicitation shall not be entertained.