Beirut International Meeting in Solidarity with The Resistance

From: Adnane Ben Youssef
16-19 November 2006

Beirut international meeting is gathering representatives from political parties, trade unions, movements and associations and also political, intellectual and cultural personalities from the whole world, in order to salute the Lebanese people’s resistance vis-à-vis the Israeli aggression; to counter the preparations in progress of a new aggression on Lebanon and the region, and to coordinate the actions of these forces facing the global and permanent war policy which constitutes a universal threat.

The initiative emerged during the July/August 2006 Israeli aggression on Lebanon, it was raised by solidarity delegations that went there although the intensive bombings. This initiative met an enthusiastic welcome, on the Arab as well as on the international level, it reflects the need of the forces that are opposed to the war logic and to the colonial hegemony to meet, debate and coordinate.

The Lebanese Communist Party, Hezbollah, the National Unity Tribune, the People’s Movement and Samidoun (the network of civil society’s associations) are launching the invitation from Lebanon.

For information or all questions concerning the organization of the participation, please contact the following address:

Deadline for the inscription: 22 October