The bare facts: Status of women in Tamilnadu [Gandhimathi, Ekta, Madurai]

Status of women in Tamilnadu

• More women than men experience poverty in TN like in most parts of the world.
• TN stands fourth in terms of the percentage of women headed households) in India.
• Gender disparities prevail in access to primary health care and primary education and work load.
• One half of women marry at or before 18 years of age,
• 25% women marry their first cousins and at least 50% marry some relative or the other.
• Post natal mortality is higher among children born in such marriages.
• In TN the sex ratio is 986 female per 1000 male- 2001 census.
• Child sex ratio is on the decline-is a grave concern.
• As per the records of the Director general of police, crime against women has gone up from 2494 in 1990 to 5074 in 1998.
• Most of these cases are dowry, molestation, eve teasing, torture and kidnapping of women.
• In the last 2001 election there was turn out of women as voters-79.65% but their representation in the assembly is 11%.
• In the parliament the women’s representation is 11.4%.
• In panchayats there are women at various levels because of the reservation (total seats in local body-1,32,135). 1/3 rd reservation means 44,045 but women are in 44,507 places. Still a long way to go…
• TN-Literacy rate of females have grown from 21.06 in 1961 to 64.55 in 2001(male literacy rate is 82.33).

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