Compensate Maori and Return the Loot to the Dispossessed, or Face Boycott

Dear Human Rights Activist

The Management School of Restorative Business (MSRB) and Creating A Sustainable Future (CASF) have prepared the following petition (see below for summary). Please read the text and if you agree with the proposed action endorse and post the petition on your network for everyone to sign.

MSRB and CASF Campaign Team
Petition Summary
The Bank of New South Wales, later Westpac Banking Corporation, opened 7 branches in New Zealand in 1861, which facilitated and was enormously enriched by the theft of Maori land, gold and all other resources. MSRB is calling on world citizens and ethical investors to boycott Westpac New Zealand until such time the bank and their major shareholders have compensated Maori, as well as other deprived New Zealanders. [Today, Westpac's predatory banking practices continue, aided by an utterly corrupt government and judiciary.]

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From: MSRB-Admin