15th annual Womynspirit Festival - October 27–29, 2006

Information is also available by phoning the Festival Hotline (519) 858-9977 or by emailing info@womynspirit.ca.

The Womynspirit Festival is a womyn-only, alcohol-, chemical- and fragrance-free event. Smoking is not allowed in the buildings, or near doorways or ritual space. Womyn are encouraged to take responsiblity for their own needs and to be respectful of others’ needs.

Each year the Festival is organized and run by a non-profit collective of volunteers. Participation at all levels is always welcome.

Accommodations The Hockley Valley Ecology Centre is located near Orangeville, Ontario, about an hour’s drive north of Toronto. The main lodge has central washrooms with showers, and rooms are triple occupancy. Directions and a list of what to bring will be included in your information packet.

Children under 4 are welcome at no charge, but must be in the care of their mothers. Womyn bringing infants or toddlers will be put in touch with other mothers to coordinate a partnership of care during rituals. Girls 4 to 11 will have supervised programming and childcare during workshops and rituals. Young Womyn 12 to 17 are welcome to participate in Festival activities, participate in girls’ programming, or do a combination of both.

Workshops are an important part of the Festival. We encourage all womyn to share their knowledge and skills. Please submit your workshop proposal to workshops@womynspirit.ca. We reimburse expenses for supplies or photocopying to a maximum of $25.00. Workshop presenters may also opt to receive a $25.00 honorarium. Send your questions or workshop proposals to workshops@womynspirit.ca, or phone the Festival Hotline.

Market Place and Services Do you have wares to sell? Ritual tools, hand-crafted items, jewelry? Are you qualified to offer a personal service such as pedicures, Reiki, massage, readings, etc.? Vendors and service providers donate 10% of their sales to the WSF subsidy fund. Please phone the Festival Hotline or email vending@womynspirit.ca to confirm your product or service suitability.

Participant List Every year we include a participant list in the welcome package. This list will include your name, address, phone number and email address. Please indicate if you wish your contact information left off the list.

Subsidies A limited number of subsidy grants are available, to a maximum of 50% of fees per person, depending on the amount in the subsidy fund. If you need a subsidy, please follow these steps: 1) send NO fees with your registration, and 2) send a letter with your registration telling us why you need a subsidy and how much you need. Closing date for subsidy requests is September 15. Applicants will be notified after September 15.

Refunds A full refund, less a $20.00 administration fee, will be given for cancellations received before Sept. 1. A 50% refund will be given for cancellations received after Sept. 1. There will be no refunds after Oct. 15. There is a $20.00 charge for NSF cheques.

Information packets will be mailed on Oct. 1. If you have immediate questions, please email or phone the Festival Hotline. We will be sending emails to confirm receipt of your registration.

Mail to: Womynspirit Festival 2006 c/o 474 Annette Street, Toronto, ON M6P 1S2 Make cheques payable to: Womynspirit Festival Collective

2005 Fee Schedule Payment Plans Adult Womyn $185.00 before Sept. 1 Full payment or two-cheque plan $210.00 after Sept. 1 Full payment required Young Womyn 12–18 $125.00 Full payment or two-cheque plan Girls 4–11 $ 75.00 Full payment required Children under 4 years No charge

I have enclosed full payment. Amount: __________________

I have enclosed two payments: 1) a $75.00 deposit per registration and
2) a cheque for the remainder dated September 15, 2005. Total amount:

I am sending NO money, but have enclosed a request for a partial subsidy.

I have enclosed a donation to the subsidy fund. Amount: _______________

Name ______________________________________________ Phone
Address ____________________________________________ City
Postal Code ______________ Email

Children: Name ____________________________________________________ Age
Name ____________________________________________________ Age

Do not include my contact information on the participant list. This is my
first time at a Womynspirit Festival. I would like to be in the “Quiet Cabin.” (Spaces in the Quiet Cabin are reserved in order of registration. Please note that the washrooms are in the main cabin, 10 metres away.) I can offer a ride, or I will need a ride. (Circle one.) Nearest intersection _____________________________________________________________

I have special dietary needs. The Ecology Centre serves vegetarian meals. If you require special meals, such as wheat-free, dairy-free, etc., there is a $5 per meal fee, or $30 for all Festival meals. You will be contacted for details of your diet. I would like to facilitate a workshop. I have emailed my proposal with expected expenses to workshops@womynspirit.ca, or it is included with this registration.

(Please circle one.) I would like to offer products or services in the Market Place. (Please email vending@womynspirit.ca to confirm that your products or services are suitable.) I would like to request a Mentor (an attendee at previous Festivals who can show you around) I would like to be a Mentor (I have attended previous Festivals and can help a new attendee) I have mobility needs:
I might like to help organize next year’s Festival.