INTRAC Conference on Civil Society and Capacity Building

INTRAC Conference on Civil Society and Capacity Building
Changes, Challenges and Charting the Future
11-13 December 2006, Oxford, UK

Six years into the new millennium and the world feels like a very different place from the last years of the twentieth century. For those engaged in civil society capacity building, these changes are felt as increasing pressures for conformity with the orthodoxies of the aid industry.

The conference will explore some of the following issues: the shifting paradigms in the scenario of aid and the enhanced focus on the state rather than civil society; the enabling factors and constraints to achieving quality capacity building practice which maintains a vision of equitable social development whilst operating within the increasingly muddy terrain of globalisation and widening inequalities. The conference will also explore the need to chart the future for capacity building and collectively move forward with strength and awareness of rapidly changing aid architectures.

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