Thai Coup

Dear friends,

For several months Thailand has been in political confusion with the campaign against PM Thaksin. Rumours of a military coup have been around for a month or so. Today (19.08.05) around 11 pm the military attempted a coup: tanks moved into the streets and surrounded Government House.

Thaksin (in New York) has been attempting to assure the UN General Assembly that he is in control, but this seems not to be the case. The Army's Commander-in-Chief has already issued many statements, the third stated that
1) the 1997 Constitution (the so-called 'People's Constitution') be cancelled,
2) the Senate, Parliament, Cabinet and Constitution Court be foreclosed,
3) the Privy Council and
4) the Judiciary, except the Constitution Court, must continue to function as usual.

The Coup's first statement ( 23.50 hrs) stated that the reasons for the Coup were unprecedented divisions within the population as a result of governmental corruption, governmental intervention and obstruction of independent institutions, and disloyalty to the King.

The reasons given by the leaders of the Coup may be valid, but their action is disloyal to the political aspirations of the people. The Thai people have already shown that people's democracy will not be defeated.

For people's democracy!