Bangalore International Marathon

10am, 17 September 2006 Starts from Sree Kanteerva Stadium
Celebration Run: 7kms ... or walk

Join the event and make it one big, successful event that raises millions for several noble causes and the one dear to your heart:-) Last year the ICONGO audited funds raised were over 3.5 million Indian Rupees from individuals and over 20 million overall through corporate giving etc. This year let us better it and do more for various causes. Together we can right every wrong.

All funds raised through ICONGO are given 100% to the charity you want to support (apropos our policy of not raising any funds for ICONGO or retaining percentages from funds raised) without any deductions for administration (for details log on to and So run for the cause dear to your heart and raise pledges.

Do write to Yashu (yashu. for more deatils or call her at bangalore on 9886296468.

Thanking you

With warm regards