NBA : Invitation for Monsoon 'Satyagraha - Samapan'



Once again, the people of the Narmada valley extend to you an earnest invitation to come to the beautiful valley, now turning into a threatening grave. This time, it is the centenary of Satyagraha, which was first launched by Mahatma Gandhi on September 16th in South Africa, exactly 100 years ago.

In Narmada, this will be the 15th year since we began in 1991, in Manibeli. What a strength, and shockingly disturbing it is, to see Manibeli still continuing to fight for basic survival and fundamental rights. We hope you all haven’t forgotten their struggle that has, till date, saved thickly populated communities of Nimad. Adivasi communities in Nandurbar district (Maharashtra), Jhabua district (Madhya Pradesh), some in Badwani and Dhar districts (M.P.) have lost their land, their livelihood and are left landless, many having lost their shelter too. They need your solid support. Thousands of families in Nimad (the plains), farmers, laborers, fish workers, boatmen, on the other hand, are still under threat. While they didn’t get submerged this monsoon, the dam height stalled at 119 mts, BJP has begun its pressure tactics again! They are getting ready to push the dam to 122 mts.

Monsoon Satyagraha comes to an end…It witnessed more floods in Gujarat than anywhere else! Sardar Sarovar being filled upto 119 mts, Gujarat couldn’t take the waters into the canals to save villages alongside. With all this, what adivasis have faced and are suffering of, we invite you to be with us, on September 23rd.…in Chikhalda, near Badwani, M.P… and on September 24th. … in Chimalkhedi, Maharashtra.

On the 23rd, fish workers and boatmen, generations old communities in the river valley will have a Boats Rally beginning at 10 a.m. from Chhota Barda village…to join Satyagraha conclusion at 1 p.m. in Chikhalda.

The next day i.e. on the 24th, we will proceed to Chimalkhedi together…by road and crossing the river in a boat…to the region where houses and fields, trees and forests is drowned, but not the struggle.

We would felicitate some of our years long supporters this time… and would specially request the people’s organizations to be with us. Eminent persons are invited too. Do spread the word, once you receive this.

How to reach?
For Badwani – reach Indore/Khandwa/Dhule/Vadodara and travel 4 to 5 hours by road. Overnight bus from Mumbai also. Reach on 22nd or 23rd early morning.

For Return – If in a hurry, can catch late night trains on 24th to Mumbai/Delhi from Vadodara, after the program in Chimalkhedi.

Welcome again.

Yours sincerely,

Ashish Mandloi/ Chetan Salve/ Yogini Khanolkar/ Rohan Joshi/ Siyaram/ Umesh Patidar/ Vijay/ Kamla Yadav/ Mohan Patidar/ Shantilal Patodi/ Shannobhabhi/ Sajanbai/ Karan Yadav/ Devram Kanera/ Medha Patkar

62 Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Badwani, M.P. - 451551, Ph. 07290-222464
Maitri Niwas, Tembewadi, Dhadgaon, Nandurbar, Maharashtra. Ph: 02595-220620
C/o B-13, Shivam Flats, Ellora Park, Vadodara-390023, 0265-2282232

6th September 2006