Collaborative Fund for HIV Treatment Preparedness

Dear Colleagues

The Collaborative Fund for HIV Treatment Preparedness is collaboration between the Tides Center and the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC). The goal of the Collaborative Fund is to fund HIV treatment preparedness, defined as 1/ treatment literacy projects and 2/ treatment advocacy projects,
in other words, efforts to organize civil society, especially people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), to advocate for and participate in the development and implementation of HIV treatment access programs.

The Collaborative Fund is a community funding mechanism that is driven by the expertise of people living with HIV and their advocates. In each funding region of the world, Community Review Panels (CRPs) set funding priorities and determine how funds are
disbursed through a peer-reviewed application process.

In South Asia, the group managing the process is the South Asian Regional Advisory Committee (RAC). Country Review Panels will review applications at the country level assisted by a regional Technical Review Panel.

The Tides Center, a U.S.-based public charity, facilitates the grant-making process internationally. Funds have been received from a number of donors, including WHO and DFID. The International Treatment
Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) is an international movement of HIV+ people and their advocates advocating for access to AIDS treatment to those who need it through increased treatment literacy for individuals and organisations and through advocacy with local,
regional and international stakeholders such as governments, international and bilateral agencies, pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, non-governmental organisations and the private sector.

The Collaborative Fund began its work in South Asia in 2005, by supporting 21 grantees in 4 countries.

We are now calling for submissions for project proposals for the second round from organisations seeking funding for community-based HIV treatments advocacy and education programs.

Funding is geographically limited to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh
and Nepal.

Any nongovernmental organisation from these countries working on HIV treatments education and advocacy and related issues is invited to apply for a grant. Grants are provided for up to one year, with a
minimum amount of 5,000 US dollars and a maximum amount of 10 000 US dollars for individual organisations. If your project proposal has a budget that is bigger than this, the proposal will not be considered favorably. The total grant program amount to be distributed is 200 000 US dollars.

The project can last for up to one year starting 1st January 2007, but shorter projects or one-off events will also be considered

If you are interested in the Collaborative Fund, you will need to consider the following documents.

[Submission Guide] - Guide for submission of applications – A four page description of the background of the collaborative fund, how the fund operates in South Asia, the process for submitting
applications for funding, the process for selecting successful applicants, and a timeline.

[Proposal Form] - Proposal Form – A three page guide that provides information on the format and content required for submitting a project proposal.

If you would like to receive these documents, please send an e-mail to: the following Technical Review Penal (TRP) members:

Bangladesh: Shale Ahmed:
India: Dr Tokugha:
Nepal: AnjanAmaty:
Pakistan: Pervaiz Tufail:

For Afhganistan and Sri Lanka write to:-
Loon Gangte at

The above TRP members will be collecting the proposals for their own countries. For example, NGOs, CBOs or PLHA groups based in India will submit their proposal to Dr.Tokugha.

9th October is the last date for submission ofproposal !!

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact me if you need any further information or clarifications.

Loon Gangte

Regional Coordinator for South Asia
Collaborative Fund for HIV Treatment Preparedness

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