ADB Grants for NGOs to Prevent HIV/AIDS

New ADB Grants Available for NGO Initiatives to Prevent HIV/AIDS
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has just approved a US$ 1.5 million grant for NGO initiatives to prevent HIV/AIDS. Financed by the HIV/AIDS Trust fund, funded by the Government of Sweden, the NGO grant is part of a package of sub-projects set-up to help us fight this dreaded disease.

Grant awards up to US$ 50,000 per initiative... or more
If your NGO is working in one of ADB's developing member countries (DMCs) in Asia and the Pacific, and is active in HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and/or treatment, this fund is open to you. Your application will receive special priority if your NGO works in one of the DMCs implementing specific programs for vulnerable and high risk groups.

A grant could be yours if you propose the right initiative that:

Pilot tests innovative approaches that address the needs of vulnerable and high risk groups
Aims at reporting evidence of effective HIV/AIDS prevention, care and /or treatment to enable replication and expansion/up-scaling of activities in other countries and/or region
Enhances capacity of NGOs in quality monitoring and evaluation of HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and/or treatment projects and programs
Associates people living with HIV/AIDS in the design, implementation and monitoring of the project
Contributes to strengthening ADB-NGO-government partnerships for HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and/or treatment
Strengthens the capacity of community based organizations and/or NGOs involved in HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and/or treatment
ADB's effort in the fight against HIV/AIDS
ADB has been supporting the fight against HIV/AIDS in our region. This new grant facility provides ADB an opportunity to work more closely with NGOs to identify, document and support effective outreach and delivery of essential HIV/AIDS services to the poor, vulnerable and high risk groups. Identifying effective and evidence based responses to the AIDS epidemic, building partnerships, and increasing consultation with and involvement of communities that are especially poor, vulnerable or affected by HIV/AIDS are ADB goals - and we need your cooperation!

Providing grants to NGOs like yours will not only enable ADB to support your activities but also expand upon ADB's existing work on HIV/AIDS. Working together with you offers a promising avenue for coordinated efforts and initiatives to alleviate the burden on governments to provide HIV/AIDS information, treatment and services.

Ensuring your proposal is a successful one
ADB's NGO and Civil Society Center will have overall responsibility for administering the TA, and will initially screen all proposals. A Country Committee established in the country of the proposed initiative will review and rank proposals with the final decision made by an ADB-HQ Committee.

To be eligible for funding, your NGO must fulfill the following criteria:

Be legally constituted and registered in an ADB developing member country
Have legal capacity to accept the funding provided by ADB
Have accounts that are audited annually by independent auditors
Be able to demonstrate your NGO's capacity to implement the proposed initiative in terms of your expertise, experience and available staff
Present a proposal with clear-cut outcomes that can be achieved in a limited amount of time
Guarantee strict monitoring and evaluation of the proposed initiative, with clear indicators and targets
Have adequate resources to complement financing of the ADB grant either in cash and/or in kind
You may submit a proposal for up to US$ 50,000 or less. Only in exceptional cases will proposals in excess of $50,000 be funded. If you wish to submit a proposal for over US$ 50,000, please contact us first (see contact details below). All proposals must feature co-financing or in-kind contributions by your NGO.

If you think you have an initiative that fits the given criteria, now is the time to act. Read the Project Guidelines [http://hiv-aids-grant-guidelines.pdf/] explaining the eligibility criteria, selection criteria and selection process, and fill out the Proposal Format [ WORD http://hiv-aids-grant-proposalform.doc/ ] to complete your application.

Initial proposals for funding will be accepted through 30 September 2006. Proposals should be sent to:

Jennifer Francis
NGO and Civil Society Specialist, ADB
Tel: +63 2 632 5729
Fax: + 63 2 636 2409