Urban rainwater harvesting

Urban rainwater harvesting (New Delhi, October 4-7, 2006)

The 'Urban rainwater harvesting' training programme will build on over
two decades of CSE's experience with rainwater harvesting (RWH). The
four-day intensive training will include hands-on workshops, interactive
seminars, detailed case studies, a field trip and classroom instructions.

Course modules include :
- RWH: Tradition and relevance today
- Urban water scenario: Case studies of four Indian cities, FAQs on RWH,
role of the community
- Potential of RWH in major cities: Demand side management & supply,
status of groundwater, role of lakes and ponds in natural recharge
- RWH planning: India's geological, hydrogeological, geomorphological,
metrological conditions
- RWH structure design: Monsoon pattern, terrain, water table, soil
conditions etc.
- Components of RWH: Techniques with case studies
- Maintenance, monitoring: During construction, after implementation
- Preparing cost estimates
- Impact assessment: Effective methods to ensure better performance,
promoting RWH in the community
- Policies on RWH: Legal, fiscal initiatives

Deadline for registration: September 21, 2006

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