Gender, Religion and Modernity

Dear Friends,
Vimochana and ALF would like to invite you to a public
discussion on

'Gender, Religion and Modernity'.
The discussion will be as follows :
Keynote presentation by Senagalese feminist thinker and writer:
Prof. Fatou Sow, 'Women and Islam in contemporary Africa.'

1) Prof. Hasnath Mansoor, FEMWOB **
2) Prof. Sitaramam Kakarala , CSCS
3) Anita Ratnam , Samvada
(**) to be confirmed

As someone who has been concerned with the issues proposed for this discussion meeting, we would be very happy if you could come and be a part of the meeting.

Do join us on the 23.08.06 (Wednesday) at 5 PM, at SCM House, Mission Road (behind Priyadarshini Silk House)

Contact numbers :
Vimochana 25492782 /3
Alternative Law Forum 22356845

About Prof. Fatou Sow:
As a Muslim feminist scholar and researcher, her concerns have been wide ranging from fundamentalism to globalisation, Human Rights, Development ...

Professor Sow is concerned about the contested political use of Islam as a tool of power, where women's bodies often become sites of struggle between political forces as in the Muslim Northern Nigerian States. Professor Sow provides the five basic pillars of Islam and raises a series of questions related to secularism, Islamic customs and laws.

Does religion shape society? Does it reflect it? What is the role of religion in the making of rules, laws and politics which influence women's lives, their position within society, and gender relations within society and the family? Why does the State refer to religion in countries claiming their secularisation and their efforts of economic and social modernisation? The compatibility of Islam with development as modernity has been a debate issue for years, within Muslim and Non Muslim intellectual arenas. Can modernity not comply with religion, especially with Islam? What do we today mean by modernity?