e-consultation on youth migration

Vidar Ekehaug

Dear Friends,

The Global Youth Action Network is inviting all young people and
everyone interested in youth issues to participate in a 2-week
e-consultation on youth migration. The E-consultation will take place
over 2 weeks from 21st August until 3rd September, 2006.

In September, the UN is holding a High-Level Dialogue on International
Migration and Development. The purpose of the high-level dialogue is
to discuss the multidimensional aspects of international migration in
order to identify appropriate ways to maximize its development
benefits and minimize its negative impacts. Additionally, the
high-level dialogue will have a strong focus on policy issues,
including the challenge of achieving the Millennium Development Goals.
This consultation provides an exciting opportunity to contribute to
this highly important debate as a report on the results will be
delivered to delegates at the Dialogue.

In an age of globalization, the issue of international migration has
become extremely controversial. On the one hand, there is great
concern over the apparent 'brain drain' in the developing world as
well-educated young people leave their home countries, attracted by
improved career prospects in the West. On the other hand, remittances
(money earned by migrants working abroad and transferred back to
relatives at home) reached $223 billion in 2005 – a figure more than
twice the level of international aid. These matters are of particular
importance to young people, who make up around 30% of the world's
migrants yet receive few opportunities to participate in the
discussion. So please participate for your chance to get your voice

To subscribe, visit http://groups.takingitglobal.org/youthmigration,
or just send a blank email to

The consultation in Spanish will run simultaneously at

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Vidar Ekehaug
MDG Coordinator

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