Campaign to end Coca-Cola, Pepsi in the state

From: "centre for social concern St.Joseph's"

Dear Principals, social activists and friends,

(sub) Campaign to end Coca-Cola, Pepsi in the state)

You are aware that the state Government has banned Pepsi and Coke and host
of other drinks due to their Poisoness nature. Instead of banning the
drinks accross the state in all schools, restorants and other public places
and other public places, the ban is merely in the schools. To discuss the
issue St.Joseph's College is holding a meet on Monday at 4.30 pm. Kindly
send two representatives from your college and organisation.

thank you

in solidarity

Coordinator Centre for Social Concern,
St.Joseph's College,
Lalbagh road,

Contact: 22211429 Ext.129