Protest against increasing communalisation of Karnataka

Protest against increasing communalisation of Karnataka
Date: 13 August 2006, Sunday, 5 pm
Venue: Mahatma Gandhi statue on MG Road

Since the Janata Dal (S)- BJP coalition government took over in early a February 2006, there has been a significant increase in communal violence incidents across Karnataka. In the Dakshina Kannada district especially, the minority community lives in a climate of fear and repression that has been unheard of in the state. Invariably, the people affected by the communalisation process are the poorer sections of the society.

This protest has been called to draw attention to the state sanction and its lack of response to these increasing incidents. We will gather to make the state aware that there are vigilant voices who will fight to oppose this increasing communalisation and will hold the state accountable for providing support to these divisive forces.

Please join us.

Organised by
PUCL, NAPM, Samajika Kriya Samiti,
Pedestrian Pictures, Indian Social Institute,
Slum Jagathu, Alternative Law Forum
and several others

Clifton (ALF) 9986357138
Selva (Slum Jagathu) 9448761897