Narmada Solidarity Forum

Narmada Solidarity Forum*
*meeting at: ALF, Vasanthnagar, B'lore 52*
*time: 6.00 p.m.*
*date: 11th August, 2006 (Friday)*
*Dear Friends,

The situation in the Narmada Valley is grave. The submergence waters
in the Narmada River, assuming horrifying proportions due to the
Sardar Sarovar Project, washed away hundreds of cattle, grains and
houses in the adivasi villages. The impact of such a massive water
pondage was felt up to Nimad in Madhya Pradesh, more than 120 kms from
the dam site. The backwaters of Sardar Sarovar dam submerged almost
all villages of Maharashtra and the people lost their cattle, grains
and saw their valuable belongings washed away in the swirling waters.
Despite all these odds, the people are determined to continue with
the Satyagraha in Rajghat, Bhitada and Chimalkhedi, against illegal
and unjust submergence and displacement.

In this context it is important that we meet to discuss what can be
done by the Narmada Solidarity Forum with regard to relief and
solidarity as well. Sorry for the short notice but we will be meeting
today (11th August, friday) at the Alternative Law Forum in
Vasanthnagar at 6.00 p.m. Please attend and inform others as well.

In solidarity,

Aarti, Swathi, Benson, Arvind, Clifton