The International Programme

The International Programme is Big Lottery Fund’s way of helping disadvantaged communities overseas.

This £72 million programme will support work that tackles the causes of poverty and deprivation, and brings about a long-term difference to the lives of the most disadvantaged people across the globe.

£60 million will be available for the International Communities, International Strategic and International Small Grants programmes

£12 million to help Tsunami long-term reconstruction

They will fund projects that:

ü improve access to better and more relevant primary education for the most disadvantaged boys and girls

ü improve health for the most disadvantaged people, specifically through improved mother and child health, improved reproductive health, improved measures to prevent HIV/AIDS and mitigate its impact, improved measures to prevent and control locally significant diseases and improved mental health

ü improve allocation of natural resources to benefit the most disadvantaged people, specifically through improved access to safe water and sanitation, improved access to land and reduced vulnerability to environmental shocks and stresses

ü improve human rights for the most disadvantaged people, specifically through an improved environment in which to exercise their civil and political rights and the enabling of human rights defenders to campaign peacefully for civil and political rights

ü improve access to sustainable financial resources for the most disadvantaged people.

The International Communities programme will fund projects in Africa, Asia, (including the Pacific and Central Asian republics) the Middle East, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe (including the Russian Federation and the Caucasus, excluding members of the European Union).

They want to fund projects that contribute to the sustainable development and reconstruction of areas affected by the Tsunami. In particular, they want to fund projects that:

ü restore livelihoods and empower communities

ü serve the needs of particularly vulnerable groups, and

ü rebuild local organisations and communities

The International Strategic programme and International Small Grants programmes will be launched in July 2006. More details will be posted on the website nearer to the launch date.

Closed for applications: 26 January 2007

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