Stepping Stones Training of Trainers Course

Stepping Stones Training of Trainers Course
Bangalore, India
Monday 25 September to Friday 6 October 2006
Organised by
Thematic Team – HIV and AIDS
ActionAid International- India

Stepping Stones is a participatory training package about HIV, communication and sexual health. Although many people are using the package without any assistance, we know that training can significantly improve the way in which it is used. Participatory methods are still new to many people and Stepping Stones’ attention to sensitive issues of gender and sexual health can be challenging for many community workers. Training can help them acquire skills of participatory training and to understand the core issues at the heart of problems of HIV and AIDS. So we are keen to encourage more Training of Facilitators courses (ToFs). However, we face a shortage of local Trainers who can run these courses. We are therefore pleased to be able to run this Training of Trainers course (ToT) for 40 people from across India.
Objectives of the course:
To increase the pool of skilled Trainers in the country, so that more Training of Facilitators courses can take place in India. These in turn will build the capacity of community workers and spread the use of Stepping Stones in the country.
To improve participants' ability to train Facilitators in effective participatory methodologies such as Stepping Stones to address the issue of HIV and AIDS.
To improve participants' communication skills and understanding of issues concerning sexual and reproductive health, gender and rights.
Outcomes of the course:
Participants in the ToT will be expected to train and promote the use of participatory approaches to sexual health work in their project areas.

Dates: The training days will be from Monday 25th September to October 6, 2006. Participants should travel before and after these days, ie arrive by Sunday 24th and leave on Saturday 7th.

Location The course will be residential. It will be held in Bangalore. All participants will be informed of the exact venue and other arrangements nearer to the time.

Curriculum: All training will be conducted in a participatory manner, in tune with the Stepping Stones approach. The provisional curriculum is as follows:

Familiarisation with Stepping Stones
Participants experience Stepping Stones for themselves. It is important for Trainers to address their own issues around safer sex, communication, gender, traditions and discrimination if they are to be effective in training others. Much of this work will be done in peer groups (men and women working separately), in the same way that Stepping Stones is used at community level.

Training others to use Stepping Stones
· Planning for developing or building on a strategy for promoting the use of SS in your project areas.
· Topics to include in your ToF curriculum
· About how to run a ToF

Participants: There will be a maximum of 40 participants. Each sponsoring organisation will have to sponsor a male and female staff or community member.

The following minimum selection criteria apply:

Individuals: all participants must:
· speak English fluently (this is the common language which will be used at the ToT)
· be experienced in participatory training
· be comfortable with the idea of talking about sexual health issues
· be willing to be challenged and to learn personally from the training
· have a commitment to training others following the ToT

Cost: The costs of training, accommodation and food will be Rs. 5000. Each participant will also be given a copy of the Stepping Stones manual. This is a twelve-day in house training program and the participants need to stay over night at the place of the program.

If you would like to be considered for attendance at this training, please fill Section A of this form and get your manager to complete Section B. Please return both Sections with your current job description and CV to Action Aid.

Remember, the closing date for receiving applications is Thursday, 16th August 2006

Please note, your sending in an application does not guarantee you will be given a place. The Trainers and HIV&AIDS Thematic Unit will make decisions regarding the allocation of places. All applications are to be forwarded to and

Application to Attend Stepping Stones Training of Trainers Course

SECTION A: to be filled by each applicant
Please answer all the questions.
Your name:

Sex: male/female Age:

Address of your organisation:

Phone: Fax: E-mail:

What is your current job title?

What kind of work do you do? please attach your current job description

What experience do you have of participatory training?

please attach your resume/CV (the record or your qualifications and work experience)

What would you hope to get out of this training?

How might you use what you learn?

If you want to make any other comments, please do so here.

Signed: _________________________________ Date:_______________________

Please return this form plus with SECTION B to ActionAid by Thursday 16th August 2006.

Application to Attend Stepping Stones Training of Trainers Course

SECTION B: to be filled by the applicant’s manager:

Name of organisation:

Your job title:
Your relationship to the applicant:

Contact details if different from those given by the applicant:

What kind of work does your organisation do?

What attracts your organisation to Stepping Stones?

What will your organisation gain if your applicant is successful and attends the training course?

How would your organisation make use of its participants' training?

What commitment, if any, can you make regarding your organisation's use of Stepping Stones in 2006?

If you want to make any other comments, please do so here.

Signed: _________________________________ Date: ______________________

Please return this form plus with SECTION A to ActionAid by Thursday 16th August 2006.