UNCTAD - Hearings with civil society and private sector

Fifty-third session of the Trade and Development Board (TDB)

Hearing with civil society and the private sector during the
Geneva, Palais des Nations, 26 September 2006

Dear friends,

The UNCTAD secretariat is pleased to invite you to the third hearing with civil society and the private sector, which will be convened in Geneva on 26 September 2006 (time to be confirmed) as part of the fifty-third annual session of the TDB (Geneva, 27 September to 2 October 2006).

The hearing will focus its discussion on one or two agenda items selected from the TDB agenda which this year includes: Post-Doha work programme: Review of developments and issues of particular concern to developing countries, Interdependence, LDCs, Africa, Review of Technical Cooperation Activities and Report on Assistance to Palestinian People.

For your information, the TDB will be followed by the 2006 Mid-term Review (MTR) meeting, which will be held from 3 to 10 October 2006. The MTR will discuss from 4 to 6 October: I) UNCTAD, development and the way forward, ii) Globalization for development, iii) Coherence for development between national development strategies and international economic processes and iv) UNCTAD, the UN reform process, and development. On 10 October, the TDB and the MTR will hold the closing plenary.

Please find attached the provisional agenda for the 53rd regular session of the TDB, as well as the timetable for the regular session and the third part of the Mid-term review.

The outcome of the hearing will be summarized by the secretariat and will be submitted as an input into the discussions of the Board. A civil society representative should be designated to present the report to the closing plenary of the TDB on 10 October 2006.

Civil society organizations may wish to consult and network among themselves to discuss the agenda of this year’s session of the TDB with a view to selecting priority agenda items they wish to debate at the hearing (the hearing will last half a day). You may wish to touch on the themes of the Mid-term review as well. We would appreciate receiving your input with regard to:

· Issues you wish to address at the hearing (maximum 2 priority areas);
· Suggestions of lead discussants/moderators for each agenda item;
· Focused and specific questions to be shared with member States.

We suggest that long pre-prepared statements be avoided and that the questions and interventions should be focused and should address concrete issues. Please send us your input as soon as possible but no later than 7 August 2006.

NGOs/CSOs having observer status with UNCTAD and those accredited to UNCTAD XI and previous TDB hearings are encouraged to participate. We also welcome your suggestions about organizations that would like to be accredited and to participate in the Hearing. In this regard, please find attached the questionnaire to be completed by non-accredited organizations.

We suggest organizing an informal pre-hearing meeting with representatives of member States to discuss ways to make the hearing as relevant and as interactive as possible. The informal meeting is tentatively scheduled for Monday, 4 September 2006 in the Palais des Nations, Geneva (time and meeting room number will be communicated to you).

An early indication of your interest in attending the informal meeting and the TDB hearing would be appreciated. We thank you for your continued interest in the work of UNCTAD and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please send your replies to Ms. Fernanda Britto, e-mail: fernanda.britto@unctad.org (telephone: 41 22 9075518, fax: 41 22 917 0056)

Jo Elizabeth Butler
Head, Intergovernmental Affairs and Outreach Service and
Secretary of the Trade and Development Board
Palais des Nations
Geneva, Switzerland