7th National Conference of Women's Movements

From: Humjinsi Collective

7th National Conference of Women’s Movements

Towards a Politics of Justice: Affirming Diversities, Resisting Divisiveness
9-12 September 2006
Venue: Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata

We would like to invite all of you to participate in the Seventh National Conference, a large gathering of about 2000 women from different parts of India, belonging to different castes, classes, sexual orientation, ethnic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Since 1980, every two to five years, the National Conferences have provided a platform for women to come together to share, dialogue, debate and sharpen their politics while deepening their understanding of and responses to issues and strategies. They have also provided the space to forge friendships and extend solidarity to each other.

Each National Conference has been a collective stock taking of the ever-changing political contexts within which issues get continuously redefined. There is an incredible energy, spirit and dynamism when so many women who are struggling, individually and collectively, meet in one space.
We call on all women who are struggling against different forms of oppression to be part of the National Conference and to collectively evolve a vision of equality and social justice. The National Conferences have a vision of an alternative society – a society that is free from violence and discrimination and upholds gender, caste and class equality, social justice, diversity, dignity and peace. Over the years, the Conferences have evolved as spaces to share our ideas, concerns, politics, campaigns and give visibility to the continuing resistances and struggles for justice, equality and liberation.

Come, share this experience with us !

The National Conference does not directly seek or accept any funds from any funding agency. Funds are raised through donation and registration fees. You could also contribute to the process by collecting donations. Send your contributions through Demand Drafts/ Money Orders drawn in the name of “Sanlaap, A/c 7th National Conference of Autonomous Women’s Movements in India.”

Registration is mandatory for participation.
The schedule of the conference, registration forms and further details are available online at:

Earlier as Stree Sangam, and now as LABIA, we have been participating in the organising process for this conference and urge all queer women to come and be part of the several exciting sessions and programs that have been planned around queer issues amongst others. Here’s a brief look into some of the queer events/sessions that are being planned for the conference. The detailed program will be available on the website.

10th September (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.): A day long parallel session on “Marginalized Genders and Sexualities” co-ordinated by LABIA and SAPPHO.

10th September (6:00 p.m. onwards): A workshop on questioning gender, co-ordinated by LABIA.

There will also be a late night meeting of queer/questioning women to share lives and experiences, as well as several formal and informal spaces to share our creative and other expressions. Please bring your films, posters, photographs, artwork, poetry, plays, music, other creative expressions with you to the conference. There will be plenty of space to put them up or perform them. Some musicians have already agreed to bring their instruments and perform and some poets are getting poetry together in different languages. So add yours to the rest and write to us at labialist@yahoo.com so that we can plan ahead together!