InterWorld Radio small grants

IWR small grants

InterWorld Radio is offering a limited number of small grants - up to a MAXIMUM OF USD 650 - to support radio stations to produce programming around the subject of poverty reduction.

The programme or short series must look at a local AND international aspect of poverty or poverty reduction, and include the voices of the public. We are especially interested in the following topics: the gap between rich and poor; banking systems and access to credit; the cost of education and health; whether international debt-relief initiatives and official poverty-reduction initiatives are working on the ground.

Programmes must be aired by the end of November 2006. We would especially like to receive proposals from Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Mozambique.

Please send a brief outline (no more than 200 words) of your proposed content, describing how the IWR small grant will enhance your radio station’s programming, to Anna Egan ( by 3 August 2006.