Bombay's bombs, Manmohan's Madness, Medha's Methods and a Silly Supreme Court

On the day that the Prime Minister of India officially requested the Supreme Court of India to permit governments to break the law, tell lies and get away with it, the Bombay Bombs shook the nation. It is a brute reminder that if nations do not understand the language of human rights, it will be forced to understand the pain of the people by violent resistance. The targeting of non-combatants is wrong, by any standards. Those who force dissidence into such acts are to be held equally responsible.

Let us go back a little bit. Just a week back, the Supreme Court of India—no less—admitted a petition that alleged, among others, that the Narmada Bachao Andolan was anti-national. That the Supreme Court has been a biased player in the Narmada saga, which has displaced hundreds of thousands is obvious to all neutral observers after its imprisonment of Arundathi Roy. What takes the cake is that they now want to slap cases on India's premier non-violent movement! After fighting for over 20 years, despite many provocations, the Narmada Bachao Andolan has not chosen the path of violence.

At a recent meeting in Bangalore, the students were appalled to learn of the torturous route to justice. They even asked Medha whether non-violence was the answer in todays world. They pointed to the success of the Maoists in Nepal in 10 years, while the NBA has been campaigning for double that. Medha was at pains to explain to the students that violence is not an option. The Supreme Court, which has a 100 years worth of case backlog, could do better things with the tax payers money than admit such petitions against the NBA.

Now to Manmohan's madness. That the ex-World Bank employee who nominally heads this government is an economic genius is also well known. Who else but a genius can takeover an oil-pool surplus of 12,000 crores and turn it into a deficit of 8,000 crores by giving subsidy to luxury cars? Who else needs to go disaster touring to multiple places of farmers suicides to know the 'reality'. For a normal human being, reading the report of the district collector would be sufficient. Not so for our genius prime minister. And what has he learnt? Enough to tell the Supreme Court to permit displacing more people, when his government cannot even rehabilitate those already displaced. When the government cannot even prevent farmers from committing suicides due to the policies he initiated as finance minister.

In between his bouts of disaster tourism, the Congress government has time to stroke the communal fires too. Just when it seems to be all quiet on the communal front, they rake up the Babri Mosque issue again, by wanting to bullet proof the illegal temple. Perhaps they hope that raising communal feelings would consolidate the secular vote behind it--just as the consolidation of the communal vote would be to the BJP. Perhaps they feel it would divert the attention of the people from the increasing lawlessness and the impact of the economic policies on the common citizen: the spiralling prices of essentials being only one indicator of the macro-economy gone horribly wrong. They are mistaken on both counts. It is the Left parties that will benefit, perhaps even become the coalescing point for a third front--just as about a quarter of the country's 609 districts is under Maoist rule.

Another indictment of the present government is in its cosying up to the United States. Never before in our history has there been defections at such senior levels of the intelligence services to the US... not even during the 'cold war'. Yet now, when we have a de facto 'friendship' treaty, defections are becoming common. After the Indian Air Force convincingly demonstrated its superiority against the US Air Force's F16s, the government is now seriously thinking of buying American Weapons, including the outdated F16s! It is common knowledge that the American Military has requested more money for modernisation--citing its 'defeat' at the war-games in India. After the American embargo on providing spares for their equipment, the government has placed orders with Boeing for Air India—virtually bailing out the company from closure—putting national security at risk. The sensitive North East—which even Indians need permits to enter—was recently thrown open to the American Military for war games.

Yet, despite the arduous promotion of the 'feel-good' factor, this is a government that thrives on death. Why else do they ensure that the people have no option but to rebel, and rebel violently? Is it because it makes more 'economic sense' to purchase more guns and weapons than school books? Because it is more 'profitable' to build prisons than schools? Why is the government deliberately closing doors of democratic dissent and redress? If Medha is a 'terrorist' then what do we call those who bombed the Mumbai trains? Why does the government put non-violent protesters in jail under draconian anti-terror laws, but offer amnesty and rehabilitation packages to 'militants'?

All these point to a betrayal of the people of the nation, if not treason in high places. And to hell with the Supreme Court. If the law is an ass, then the Supreme Court has proved itself to be the Supreme Ass [with apologies to the ass].

Loyalty to the nation, always. Loyalty to the government only when it deserves it.
ps. I am aware that to call the Supreme Court an ass is Contempt of Court, and I could get away with calling an ass a Supreme Court Judge. But then that would be an criminal offence of mental torture and cruelty to the ass.