1989 Declaration of Interdependence

1989 Declaration of Interdependence
Women's Foreign Policy Council

When in the Course of Human Events, it becomes necessary to
create a new bond among the peoples of the earth, connecting each to the
other, undertaking equal responsibilities under the laws of nature, a
decent respect for the welfare of humankind and all life on earth
requires us to Declare our Interdependence.

We recognize that humankind has not woven the web of life;
we are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to
ourselves. Whatever befalls the earth befalls also the family of the earth.

We are concerned about the wounds and bleeding sores on the
naked body of the earth: the famine; the poverty; the children born into
hunger and disease; the destruction of forests and fertile lands; the
chemical and nuclear accidents; the wars and death in so many parts of
the world.

It is our belief that man's dominion over nature parallels
the subjugation of women in many societies, denying them sovereignty
over their lives and bodies. Until all societies truly value women and
the environment, their joint degradation will continue.

Women's views on economic justice, human rights,
reproduction and the achievement of peace must be heard at local,
national, and international forums, wherever policies are made that
could affect the future life on earth. Partnership among all peoples is
essential for the survival of the planet.

If we are to have a common future, we must commit ourselves
to preserve the natural wealth of our earth for future generations.

As women we accept our responsibility and declare our
intention to:

Link with others - young and old, women and men,
people of all races, religions, culture and political beliefs - in a
common concern for global survival;

Be aware in our private, public, and working lives of
actions we can take to safeguard our food, fresh water, clean air, and
quality of life;

Make women's collective experiences and value
judgments equal to the experiences and value judgments of men when
policies are made that affect our future and future generations;

Expose the connections between environmental
degradation, greed, uncontrolled militarism and technology devoid of
human values. Insist that human and ecological values take absolute
precedence when decisions are made in national affairs;

Change government, economic and social policies to
protect the well-being of the most vulnerable among us and to end
poverty and inequality;

Work to dismantle nuclear and conventional weapons,
built trust among peoples and nations, and use all available
international institutions and networks to achieve common security for
the family of the earth.

We also declare that, whenever and wherever people meet to
decide the fate of the planet, it is our intention to participate on an
equal footing, with full and fair representation, equivalent to our
number and kind on earth.

Women's Foreign Policy Council

Taken from Joan Hoff's _Law Gender and Injustice: A Legal History
of US Women_, NYU Press, 1991