International Nonviolence Training Fund (INTF)

The A.J. Muste Memorial Institute has, as part of its program work,
the funding of projects which promote the principles and practice of
nonviolent social change. Part of this grantmaking program is the
International Nonviolence Training Fund (INTF), created in 1994 by a
group of concerned donors with the aim of specifically supporting
nonviolence trainings.

Nonviolence trainings seek to help people develop and improve the
skills they need to confront systemic injustice through organized,
principled, nonviolent action. Trainings promote the exchange of
ideas, information, and strategies, through which activists can become
more effective at using nonviolent action in their struggles.

The INTF supports nonviolence training projects outside the United
States, and within Native nations in the US. Projects eligible for
support include those which build capacity and leadership among people
engaged in nonviolent struggles; those which prepare participants for
specific nonviolent actions or campaigns; and those geared to
"training the trainers," in order to expand and multiply nonviolence
training throughout a targeted community. Preference is given to those
projects which involve trainers from the local area or region, where
such trainers are available.

The Muste Institute does not fund trainings which are geared primarily
toward resolving conflicts between individuals, building life skills
or job skills, or achieving personal empowerment or economic
independence. They do not provide scholarships or other funding for
people to travel abroad to attend courses or training sessions.

Decisions on INTF grants are guided by the INTF Advisory
Committee--composed of several experienced trainers associated with
the Muste Institute--and are ratified by the Muste Institute Board of
Directors. The maximum grant amount is US$3,000. Priority is given to
groups which are small, community-based and have less access to
funding from other sources. The expense budget for the proposed
training should not be more than US$50,000.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Jane Guskin, Program Associate
A.J. Muste Memorial Institute
339 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012
tel 212-533-4335
fax 212-228-6193

The next deadlines for submitting proposals are September 8, 2006 and December 1, 2006.

They prefer that proposals be submitted via email, either as an attachment (preferably MSWord or RTF format, for PC) or as plain text in the body of the message.