Meeting of National Urban Development Struggle and action committee, 7-8 July 2006

Meeting of National Urban Development Struggle and action committee, 7-8 July 2006

National Urban Development Struggle and Action Committee
C/o Lokayan, 13, Alipur Road Delhi- 13
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Dear Friends,

The urban poor across the country are facing an unprecedented onslaught, of the capitalist and consumerist forces and undemocratically imposed plans. The resultant eviction is brutal and unconstitutional. The Right to Shelter, livelihood and every constitutional right is being violated, and the people are denied even a basic support and citizen�s right to democratic participation. The toiling, unorganised working class that builds and runs the city, beyond caste and creed, class and community is excluded from the development benefits and instead, are compelled to face the backlash in the form of displacement to destitution.

The scenario has changed into the most inhuman and accelerated State attack with bulldozers to arsons as the weapons, used and approved by every organ of the State. The large percentage of city dwellers, in slums and chawls, in hawking and trade are facing this, but also raising voice, struggling against all odds. Even with a shrunken space, when we question our own government, the vested interests and exploitative economics, the foreign and Indian capital invested in the name of urban renewal, infrastructure or development facilitated by international financing institutions, the World Bank, ADB are playing a foul game. The policy changes be it land ceiling to the National Urban Renewal Mission indicate distorted priorities and hence need serious and strong questioning with propagating pro-poor, sustainable and equitable alternatives.

This is not a small task nor is it a short-term goal. It requires an alliance amongst all those working with the urban poor slum dwellers to workers, women, children and all the deprived, that would lead a national movement. The urban poor in action can and will join the rural poor their counterparts in the regions, they themselves were thrown out of. It is towards this end that a major plan with humble aim of a national challenge to the state and its investor-lender allies is planned under the banner of the National Urban Development Struggle and Action Committee formed during the national convention held in Mumbai

We intend to hold a meeting on July 7th and 8th night, during and as a part of the National Meeting on Displacement and Development to be conveyed by NAPM at Gandhi Bhavan, Shyamala Hills, Near Polytechnic Chauraha, Bhopal.

Please do attend.

Thereafter a month long national tour of various cities and a few towns in the country by senior activists eminent persons and representatives of urban mass based organizations and supporters will commence from September 28th the Shaheed Niyogi Diwas and the Harsud Day. This will obviously be turned into a National Conference in Delhi on October 28th to 30th to discuss and deliberate on NURM, the various facets of urban development, analyze the States role and our rights as also to evolve effective strategies. We all must know that Desh Bachao Desh Banao Andolan, conceived to be initiated in 2007 will also have a large participation of the urban struggles and strugglers

Your participation in all of these programmes beginning from July 7-8th is therefore, indispensable (a separate invitation is enclosed).

Do write to us with your views, suggestions and commitments seen as likely, at the earliest.

With regards,
Rajendra Ravi, Shaktiman Ghosh, Raju Bhise, Sushil George, and Medha Patkar