Cry Narmada Cry

Oh flowing mother, you have been dammed
Your once mighty flow down the valley tamed
Blockaded and bound in a cement wall
Liberty restrained in an unnatural barricade so tall
By sold out ministers and bureaucrats
Gleeful with stashed away dollars are these autocrats
Your soul has been trapped in a vice like grip
Taking the poor people for a trip
Where will the earth people go?
Whom should they approach with their woe?
What democracy, what development?
Nothings done for the poor folk’s advancement
Tyrannical governments who don’t pay attention
The ballot power will give them enough tension
Forced to listen to the peoples voices
They will pay for their wrong choices
A heavy price being exacted, in the rosy name of development
But this sham won’t continue, in the name of improvement
The canals dry, the promises died
Shame, shame the politicians lied
Million rupees washed away in this bizarre loot
Displaced from forests, away from their roots
Tall claims of rehabilitation
Resources being sold in the name of privatization
Publicity stunts and the World Bank loan
The seeds of destruction have been sown
One cannot simply wish away the drought
Netas take a look please, before you shout
Phony statistics of compensation
Cannot fool all, this shadowy corporatization
The river weeps its gloomy ending
But the fight for justice is just beginning
Until then the Narmada cries, the Narmada cries…